Participants move dialogue to action at NMHEP gathering.

New Mexico Health Equity Partnership

What is NMHEP?

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP), managed by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, is comprised of partners affiliated with non-profit organizations, foundations, health councils, PLACE MATTERS teams, Health Impact Assessment (HIA) teams, community groups, statewide organizations and national partners. The purpose of the NMHEP is to strengthen the capacity of NM communities to advocate for systems and policy change that will improve the conditions where children, families, and communities are healthy. This includes, addressing structural and institutionalized inequities based on race, class, gender and geography. NMHEP is committed to: 

  • Strengthening the PLACE MATTERS teams in Bernalillo, Doña Ana, San Juan and McKinley communities to advance health equity through policy change. PLACE MATTERS is a national initiative designed to build the capacity of local leaders around the country to improve the conditions, where we work, live and play, which shape health. 
  • Mobilizing communities and building effective coalitions to strengthen health councils’ and community partners’ health equity efforts. Health councils work with communities to address important local health issues and have developed assessments of local health needs and resources. 
  • Training county/tribal health councils, PLACE MATTERS teams and community groups in HIA. Local HIA teams work with community members to make a judgment about how a proposed plan or policy will affect health. HIA takes into consideration the current health status of a community, predicts how this will change if a proposed plan or policy is implemented and provides recommendations based on community knowledge, stories and quantitative data to inform and improve decision making processes. 

NMHEP Partners

NMHEP’s national, state and local partner organizations working to advance health equity include: the Santa Fe Community Foundation, National Collaborative for Health Equity  (Washington, DC), Human Impact Partners (Oakland, CA), New Mexico Alliance of Health Councils, Con Alma Health Foundation, NM Department of Health, NM Community Data Collaborative, local health councils, community partners engaging in Health Impact Assessment, local PLACE MATTERS teams (Bernalillo, McKinley, Doña Ana and San Juan counties) and their respective institutional homes. The NMHEP is generously supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Community Informed Policy Decision Making Processes

The NMHEP and our local partners are committed to ensuring that community members are actively part of policy and planning decision making processes that directly impact our health. It is important that community members have a voice in decision making processes regarding the quality of housing, education, transportation, food and work environments in our communities. Local PLACE MATTERS teams, HIA teams, and health councils identify priority community issues; develop solutions using community strengths; and craft collaborative action among diverse partners. The NMHEP and our national and state partners support local PLACE MATTERS teams, HIA teams, and health councils through coordination of regional and statewide gatherings and trainings.

Peer to Peer Learning, Leadership and Community Engagement

NMHEP honors the assets, leadership skills and experiences of communities across New Mexico and works to create spaces and processes that foster genuine relationships, strengthen cross-community partnerships, and encourage peer to peer learning. Local team members and community leaders serve on committees with the NMHEP team to plan trainings and gatherings. They work to determine the content based on local community needs and identify peers to serve as speakers, panelists, moderators, hosts, openers, closers, and activity leads. At the gatherings, local team members and community leaders facilitate small group activities; engage in community conversations about issues that directly affect their health; share community narratives, knowledge, and expertise; and work together to implement effective solutions that reflect New Mexico’s diverse values and cultures. Local community members have expressed that before attending a NMHEP sponsored gathering they had not served as a presenter or moderator; yet, by doing so, they strengthen their leadership skills and go on to use their voice and skills to benefit their community.


Your Contacts for the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership

Jessica Espinoza Jensen
Health Equity Partnership Manager
(505) 490-1202
Yolanda Cruz
Health Councils and Community Coordinator
(505) 490-1201
Maria Gallegos
Place Matters Coordinator
(505) 490-1244

David Gaussoin
Communications and Development Associate
(505) 988-9715, Ext. 7019


Christa Coggins

Vice President for Community Philanthropy
(505) 988-9715 x 7002

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