Fall 2014 Animal Welfare Grantees

Animal Welfare – a total of $34,550 granted

Green Gates Animal Sanctuary - $2,500:  

To support animal transport operating expenses.

  • $2,500 from Sherpa Fund

Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary - $5,500:  

To support enlarging capacity to rescue unwanted dogs and puppies from overcrowded animal shelters in New Mexico.

  • $5,000 from Anonymous Memorial Fund
  • $500 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund

Horse Shelter - $6,750:  

To support Horse Rescue Fund which is used to bid on horses that have been abandoned, posted by the NM Livestock Board and sold to the highest bidder.

  • $3,000 from Las Campanas Community Fund
  • $2,500 from Sherpa Fund
  • $1,000 from Susan and Conrad De Jong Fund
  • $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund

New Mexico Wildlife Center - $8,750:  

To continue to educate New Mexicans about co-existing with native wildlife, and to rehabilitate animals that have been negatively affected by human activity and other environmental stressors.

  • $5,000 from Buckman Family Fund
  • $2,500 from Sherpa Fund
  • $500 from Dr. and Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund
  • $500 from Helen R. Homans Fund
  • $250 from TW Family Fund

Pecos People for Animal Welfare Society - $400:  

To support veterinarian and two technicians for Mobile Spay/Neuter van, which will go to underserved areas in northeast New Mexico, including San Miguel County.

  • $400 from Turn and Return Fund

Santa Fe Raptor Center - $5,750:  

To support building new enclosures, provide food, and maintain adequate medical supplies for injured or orphaned birds, long term rehabilitation and/or on-going guardianship.

  • $3,000 from Buckman Family Fund
  • $2,500 from Sherpa Fund
  • $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund

Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary - $3,500:

To provide a life-long haven for more threatened wild horses, expand partnerships and implement policies for keeping mustangs in the wild in numbers healthy for them and the environment, and educate diverse stakeholders about humane, science-based action for wild horses.

  • $2,500 from Sherpa Fund
  • $500 from Jack and Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund
  • $500 from Susan and Conrad De Jong Fund

WildEarth Guardians – 1,400:  

To aid campaign to stop wildlife trapping and poisoning on public lands in New Mexico.

  • $1,000 from Sherpa Fund
  • $400 from Turn and Return Fund

Your Contacts for Nonprofits

Christa Coggins
Vice President for Community Philanthropy

(505) 988-9715 x 7002


Diane Hamamoto
Program Officer

(505) 988-9715 x 7008

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