Fall 2015 Health Grantees

Total of $182,700 granted:

Behavioral Health Local Collaborative Alliancee - $500:

To support community education projects that solicit consumer input into service delivery and increase access to behavioral health services. 

  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund

Coming Home Connection - $11,000:

To support continued training and placement of volunteers to provide free home care for bed-bound low-income people and their families in Santa Fe.

  • $5,000 from Las Campanas Community Fund
  • $2,000 from Buckman Family Fund
  • $1,500 from ABCD Fund
  • $1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund
  • $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund
  • $500 from Castagnola Family Fund

Earth Care International - $6,000:

To support food justice and environmental stewardship education in K-12 schools, leadership development and community organizing training for youth/young adults from minority and low-income backgrounds, and local food system development through service internship placements at 20 local agencies.

  • $4,000 from Buckman Family Fund
  • $2,000 from Honey Bee Fund

Honor Our Pueblo Existence (HOPE) - $3,000:

To support Phase 2 of the Buwah Tewha Project which is construction of a traditional kitchen.

  • $3,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund

La Familia Medical Center - $17,500:

To support the Teen Clinic which will focus on reproductive health services and support for at-risk pregnant teens, and provide outreach to homeless teens in Santa Fe County and connect teens to behavioral health including substance abuse treatment.

  • Includes $1,000 from Helen R. Homans Donor Advised Fund
  • $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund
  • $250 from Quarrier B. Cook Fund
  • $250 from TW Family Fund

Mountain Ambulance Service dba La Comunidad, Art for the Heart - $5,000:

To support provision of health-related services including free weekly art sessions, and a gallery for locals to sell art, health fair, trash fashion show, Celebracion de Culturas – which showcases family traditions, arts and culture.

National Ghost Ranch Foundation – Holding Courage Retreats - $500:

To offer support therapies such as coping skills and tools to assist release of anger and fear, and identifying new choices for life, to underserved women with recent cancer.

  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund

New Mexico Appleseed - $21,250:

To support work of Full Stomachs – Full Minds program in northern New Mexico which includes expansion and improvement of use of school- and community-based USDA meal programs.

  • Includes $5,000 from Anonymous Memorial Fund
  • $1,000 from Moise Family Fund
  • $250 from Quarrier B. Cook Fund

New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding - $1,000:

To support therapeutic horseback riding programs for low-income residents with disabilities, behavioral/preventative equine-related health services for at-risk/homeless/suspended/adjudicated youth.

  • $1,000 from Castagnola Family Fund

New Mexico Foundation for Dental Health, Research & Education - $10,250:

To support the New Mexico Mission of Mercy event – a 2-day free dental clinic at the Santa Fe Convention Center in April 2016.

  • Includes $250 from TW Family Fund

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project – Sky Center - $8,000:

To offer effective solutions for enhanced safety in local schools, strong family support, positive peer relationships, and inclusion to help strengthen resilience of all students.

  • [$4,000 from Envision Fund
  • $2,000 from Honey Bee Fund
  • $1,000 from ABCD Fund
  • $1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund

Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation – KSFR - $1,500:

To support development of a series on the impact of youth suicide in New Mexico with emphasis on northern New Mexico.

  • $500 from HonkeyKat Fund
  • $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund
  • $250 from Helen R. Homans Donor Advised Fund
  • $250 from TW Family Fund

Oxford Houses of New Mexico - $6000:

To support expansion of Oxford Houses in Santa Fe area – an Oxford House is a democratically run, self-supporting, drug-free home.

  • Includes $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

Presbyterian Medical Services - $15,750:

To support and sustain the availability of reliable and confidential family planning services to Santa Fe youth (ages 12-19).

  • Includes $750 from Ellie Hinds Memorial Fund

Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico - $500:

To provide a home away from home for families whose children are in medical treatment.

  • $500 from Castagnola Family Fund

Santa Fe City & County Advisory Council on Food Policy - $2,000:

To support work with communities, city and county governments, nonprofit partners, and other private entities to recommend policies, programs, and initiatives that ease access for communities to safe, healthy, affordable, and nutritious food.

  • $2,000 from Buckman Family Fund

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation - $4,500:

To support HUGS program which provides individualized services to the highest utilizers of the Emergency Department to help them achieve better health and stability.

  • $2,500 from Vila Fund
  • $1,000 from Aceves-London Family Fund
  • $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

Think New Mexico - $11,750:

To support development and advocacy for innovative public policy reforms, particularly improvement of health care affordability by implementing a user-friendly public website where one can find the price and quality of common medical procedures at any hospital in the state.

  • Includes $1,000 from Moise Family Fund
  • $500 from Sherpa Fund
  • $250 from Helen R. Homans Donor Advised Fund

Villa Therese Catholic Clinic - $1,200:

To support provision of medical and dental services to economically challenged, uninsured, or undocumented immigrant families.

  • $700 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund
  • $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

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Grants Officer

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