Spring 2015 Environment Grantees

Total of $54,850 granted:

Environmental Alliance of New Mexico - $500:  

To support collaborative work with 27 cross-sector groups to elevate conservation issues and convey a unified front to decisionmakers on key policy priorities affecting our air, land and water.

  • $500 from Turn & Return Fund

Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute - $1,000:  

To support educational programs in traditional agriculture, sustainable living, and organic farming.

  • $1,000 from Honey Bee Fund

Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance - $750:  

To support teams of experts, local youth and private landowners to do watershed restoration projects, thereby benefiting communities while teaching watershed stewardship.

  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund,
  • $250 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

Nature Conservancy in New Mexico - $5,000:  

To support the Rio Grande Water Fund, an initiative protecting vital watersheds in northern New Mexico with a goal of ensuring the storage, delivery and quality of Rio Grande water through activities such as forest restoration, economic development and job creation, and outreach and education.  

  • $5,000 from Honey Bee Fund

New Energy Economy - $18,300:  

To support replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy in order to create healthy, resilient and economically vibrant communities through public policy leadership, smart litigation, targeted lobbying, media outreach, grass-roots efforts, and community-scale clean energy implementation projects.

  • Includes: $2,000 from Second Anonymous Fund
  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund
  • $500 from Turn & Return Fund
  • and $300 from TW Family Fund

New Mexico Land Conservancy - $5,000:  

To educate youth In the techniques for evaluating landscape health, assessing natural conditions, and designing the solutions for land restoration through a series of hands-on workshops at the Petchesky Conservation Center in Santa Fe.

  • $5,000 from Buckman Family Fund

River Source - $2,000:  

To support hands-on activities that connect people to local water, rivers, and watershed and which restore and protect land, water, and wildlife.

  • $2,000 from Honey Bee Fund

Santa Fe Watershed Association - $10,800:  

To support Adopt-An-Arroyo which strives to clean up the intrinsic and necessary drainages by removing litter and providing a safe place for people to recreate in and around. In addition, soil erosion reduction measures are implemented to reduce sedimentation and excessive flooding in the entire watershed and to increase aquifer recharge.

  • Includes: $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund
  • and $300 from TW Family Fund

Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance - $3,000:  

To support promotion of land stewardship/ conservation, and healthy/sustainable local food systems through carefully managed production, processing and distribution of grass-fed non-industrial livestock production.

  • $3,000 from Buckman Family Fund

Taos Land Trust - $500:

To support Community Conservation Plan which engages Taos County residents, including Spanish speakers and youth, to give the community the opportunity to voice priorities for sustainable local food production, conservation of open spaces, and expanded access to outdoor recreation.

  • $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

Tewa Women United - $7,000:  

To support the Tewa Women United Environmental Justice proposal which will engage youth and elders in sharing traditional ways of conservation and preservation, combined with modern permaculture methods.  

  • $5,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund
  • $2,000 from Honey Bee Fund

Trust for Public Land - $1,000:

 To support connecting people to nature by protecting land and creating parks, use of cutting edge technology to support community-driven conservation plans, assist local and state governments to design, pass, and implement legislation and ballot measures to create new public conservation funds.

  • $1,000 from TW Family Fund

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Grants Officer

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