Spring 2016 Economic Opportunity Grantees

Total of $23,700 granted:


Chainbreaker Collective - $5,900:

To protect the environment, defend civil rights, and combat poverty through advocacy of policies that expand alternative transportation and foster sustainable development.

  • Includes $900 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund

Forest Stewards Guild - $400:

To support Youth Conservation Corps program, which provides employment and educational opportunities for youth in rural New Mexican communities by providing a pathway to careers and higher education in forestry and conservation related fields through work experience, training, and college credit.

  • $400 from Castagnola Family Fund

Prosperity Works - $400:

To end poverty in New Mexico through removal of systemic barriers to economic security (e.g., lack of access to fair credit), and real asset development as the real cure to poverty (e.g., 4:1 matched savings help New Mexicans buy a home, start/expand a business, or get an education).

  • $400 from Castagnola Family Fund

Santa Fe Business Incubator - $15,000:

To encourage growth of a more diverse and larger economic base in Santa Fe by helping start-up companies to launch and grow into successful businesses through provision of programs, place, and networks during formative years.

Santa Fe Dreamer’s Project - $500:

To support provision of free legal services to immigrant students in the public schools and their families who qualify under Deferred Action.

  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund

Think New Mexico - $500:

To support research and advocacy for innovative public policy reforms that address serious challenges facing New Mexico.

  • $500 from Kate Klein Fund

WeArePeopleHere Education Fund - $500:

To support a public bank in Santa Fe which would hold our city’s community cash; lend it to local projects with a public purpose and return the interest to the public bank.

  • $500 from Castagnola Family Fund

Women of Green - $500:

To support “Women as Game Changers,” which focuses on sustainability, social justice, and entrepreneurship, including an online video summit on Earth Day engaging over 100,000 women, leading to a live fall conference in Santa Fe, and a 6-month women’s professional development coaching program.

  • $500 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund

Your Contacts for Nonprofits

Diane Hamamoto
Grants Officer

(505) 988-9715 x 7008

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