Fall 2017 Arts Grantees

Total of $147,850 granted:

ARTsmart - $18,250:  To ensure New Mexico youth have the opportunity to explore, experience and engage in the visual arts, a critical component of every student’s education, through free after school programs, spring/summer camps and during school programs. [Includes $2,500 from Sherpa Fund, $500 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Axle Projects - $500:  To support the mobile gallery which brings a wide array of contemporary art to diverse audiences throughout our community. [$500 from ABCD Fund]


Center for Contemporary Arts - $6,500:  To support CCA’s diverse, year-round schedule of public programming, from hands-on art making workshops to film premiers. [$5,000 from Vila Fund, $1,000 from John & Sarah Bienvenu Fund, and $500 from Rod Boren Family Fund]


Cornerstones Community Partnerships - $1,000:  To support continued preservation of architectural heritage in rural New Mexican communities. Work is planned for both historic mission churches and community-used structures. [$1,000 from Lauren Eaton Prescott Charitable Fund]


Creativity for Peace - $8,750:  To support artmaking in multiple genres through which Israeli, Palestinian and New Mexico girls bridge cultural divides to jointly explore issues of conflict, violence, identity and belonging. [$5,000 from Sherpa Fund, $1,500 from ABCD Fund, $1,000 from Rabinowe Family Fund, $750 from Helen R. Homans Donor Advised Fund, $250 from Second Anonymous Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Española Public Schools - $3,000:  To support the Digital Film class which teaches students all aspects of artistic film production, scripts, sound, lighting, editing, and use of special effects. [$3,000 from ABCD Fund]


Española Valley Fiber Arts Center - $10,000:  To support expansion of programs such as the Traveling Fiber Trunk, Walk In and Weave, and events such as Churro Week and New Mexico Fiber Crawl.


Georgia O’Keeffe Museum - $1,000:  To support arts education programs targeting under-served youth in Santa Fe and rural communities in Rio Arriba County. [$1,000 from Cabin Fund]


International Folk Art Alliance - $3,500:  To support expansion of youth and community outreach programs and services developed specifically to engage Santa Fe and northern New Mexico youth and young adults. [$2,500 from Vila Fund, and $1,000 from Cabin Fund]


Lensic Performing Arts Center - $25,550:  To support high-quality performing arts opportunities to over 14,000 students each year, including live performances for public school students, as well as workshops and master classes taught in schools by visiting artists. [$15,000 from Moise Family Fund, $5,000 from Vila Fund, $5,000 from Las Campanas Community Endowment Fund, $300 from Haines & Nancy Gaffner Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology - $4,700:  To support lifeways of the Southern Athabaskans, highlighting Apache in New Mexico and Arizona – display of baskets, beaded clothing, horse gear and several Houser artworks, complemented by public programs: artist demonstrations, scholar forums, and films. [$3,700 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund, and $1,000 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]


Nat Gold Players - $250:  To support performing arts in a rural area where opportunities are highly limited. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


New Mexico Gay Men’s Chorus - $5,750:  To support outreach throughout northern New Mexico through more performances and community outreach events. [$5,000 from Envision Fund, $500 from Rod Boren Family Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


New Mexico History Museum & Palace of the Governors - $1,000:  To support new interpretive programs around demonstration horno built in courtyard of Palace of the Governors, to remind people of our culinary heritage and the influence of traditional foods in shaping New Mexico culture and identity through time. [$1,000 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]


New Mexico School for the Arts – Art Institute - $250:  To support mastery arts curricula in dance, theater, music, and visual arts.  [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


New Mexico Performing Arts Society - $250:  To support 2017-18 season of locally sourced, high-quality performances. [$250 from anonymous donor]


Northern Youth Project - $6,000:  To support community arts program for teens and young adults from Rio Arriba County which offers paid internships, and focuses on healthy eating, team building, leadership, community service, as well as arts. [Includes $1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund]


Our Lady of Sorrows Church - $250:  To support restoration of its historic pipe organ built by famed organ builder George Kilgen in the 1880s – recently certified by Organ Historical Society as the oldest Kilgen organ still in operation. [$250 from anonymous donor]


Pinyon Foundation (Jim Terr) - $250:  To support completion of writing of lyrics, story and music for musical “Teddy Roosevelt Slept Here” – about Teddy Roosevelt’s visit to Las Vegas, NM in 1899 with his Roughriders from the Spanish-American War. [$250 from anonymous donor]


Sangre de Cristo Chorale of New Mexico - $250:  To support upcoming 40th anniversary to include concerts in Santa Fe and Los Alamos in the fall, winter, and spring. [$250 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund]


Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival - $1,000:  To support further expansion of Music in Our Schools program in partnership with Santa Fe Public Schools, area Pueblo Day Schools, and local Pre-K. [$1,000 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]


Santa Fe Community Orchestra - $250:  To support free concerts and education programs accessible to seniors, families with children, students, and those on fixed or limited incomes. [$250 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund]


Santa Fe Desert Chorale - $1,000:  To support community engagement programs such as annual community sing, and ongoing projects with the Santa Fe County Youth Development Center and the Interfaith Community Shelter. [$1,000 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]


Santa Fe Opera - $10,600:  To support 14 distinct education and community engagement programs serving 50,000+ New Mexicans annually at little or no cost, including pre- thru middle-school programs, mastery programs for young singers and theater technicians, annual Spring Tour, Pueblo Opera Program, and Youth Nights at the Opera [$5,000 from Cabin Fund, $5,000 from Sherpa Fund, and $600 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund]


Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble - $500:  To support website update and expansion of choral music community outreach including access to Facebook posts and concert performances on YouTube. [$500 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]


Santa Fe Woodturners aka The Enchanted Woodturners - $7,000:  To provide materials and tools for students to create wood turned art pieces. [$5,000 from Las Campanas Community Endowment Fund, and $2,000 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund]


Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association - $6,000:  To support financial assistance program (scholarships), and expand multicultural reach of music education programs. [Includes $5,000 from Las Campanas Community Endowment Fund, and $1,000 from Susan & Conrad DeJong Fund]


Society of the Muse of the Southwest (SOMOS) - $5,500:  To support and expand year-round Youth Writers Program for youth ages 10-18 in Taos County, by offering Writers-in-the-Schools, one to one mentoring, and biweekly writing groups. [Includes $500 from Mary Anne & Bruce Larsen Fund]


Transformational Learning/Coaching, Inc. - $1,250:  To support Storytellers and Writers, its creative dual language after school program for English language learners in grades 3-12. [$1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund, and $250 from anonymous donor]


Unlocked Minds - $5,250:  To support free, multidisciplinary arts programs that foster healing, self-expression, and educational investment among youth. [$5,000 from Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Wholly Rags - $1,000:  To support free sewing classes and workshops about using recycled materials, as well as creative projects for adults with learning disabilities, youth and seniors. [$1,000 from Sherpa Fund]


Wise Fool New Mexico - $3,500:  To support Circus Comes to School, intergenerational performances such as CircAspire, TeenBUST, and IGNITE Puppet Pageant. [$3,000 from Cabin Fund, $250 from Rabinowe Family Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


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Grants Officer

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