"Advocacy" encompasses a broad range of activities that can influence public debate and policy decisions.
Through advocacy, people and organizations seek to
influence the laws, policies,
and systems that affect entire communities.

Bolder Advocacy, An initiative of the Alliance for Justice

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What is the difference between advocacy and lobbying?
Yes, You Can - and Should! Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency (Nonprofit Quarterly)
      Advocating Nonprofit Advocacy: The Myth that 501(c)(3)s Can't Engage in Advocacy (npENGAGE)
     Everday Advocacy (National Council of Nonprofits) 

What do nonprofits need to know about lobbying?
Keeping Track: A Guide to Recordkeeping for Advocacy Charities (Bolder Advocacy)
     Being a Player - A Guide to the IRS Lobbying Regulations for Advocacy Charities (Alliance for Justice)
     Things to Consider before Hiring a Lobbyist (
     Lobbying (IRS)

Does your organization need a 501(c)(4)?
     What is a 501(c)(4), anyway? (The Washington Post)
     Comparing 501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(4) for Nonprofit Startups (neo Law Group)

What do you need to know about endorsing candidates?  
The Rules of the Game: A Guide to Election Related Activities for 501(c)(3) Organizations (Alliance for Justice)

How do you create your policy agenda?
Public Policy Agenda and additional tools (National Council of Nonprofits)
     Setting an Advocacy Policy Agenda Your Supporters Want (Connectivity)
     Public Policy Advocacy: What, Why & How (The Nonprofit Association of Oregon)

Resources for Your Nonprofit Advocacy Work

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these resources,
with particular thanks to attorneys Gretchen Elsner and Helga Schimkat.

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