Common Cause New Mexico: 2017 Policy Champion Piñon Award Winner

The Policy Champion Award honors a community-based organization whose hallmark is to effect positive social change by focusing on a policy and systems-based approach to long-term transformation in our region.

Common Cause is the lead organization in the state working on reducing the impact of money in politics. They have a successful track record of working with a broad array of organizations in New Mexico to advocate for campaign finance reform, judicial independence, disclosure, ethics and voter protection initiatives.

In 2017, Common Cause has already led several noteworthy government wins. For example, the New Mexico Legislature withdrew from the national resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention, which would have allowed for a complete rewrite of the US Constitution. Also, the New Mexico Legislature passed legislation that will place the question of a Constitutional Amendment to establish an Ethics Commission on the statewide ballot in 2018.

Each reform is a remarkable step forward in terms of better, more transparent government. Common cause demonstrates a high level of dedication, commitment and efficacy in their work.