Chainbreaker Collective: 2017 Visionary Piñon Award Winner

The Visionary Award honors an organization that can anticipate the unmet needs of future generations and has the stamina to achieve success.

Chainbreaker Collective is a grassroots community organization that has been hard at work to help low-income people access safe, reliable and affordable transportation in Santa Fe for over 13 years.

The Bicycle Resource Center, Chainbreaker’s flagship program, provides hands-on peer to peer education about bicycle mechanics, safety, riding and related environmental justice issues to thousands of Santa Feans. Through this program, bicycles are refurbished and re-distributed to people who would otherwise be unable to afford one.

This program has also helped bring about positive and innovative policy changes to Santa Fe as community members use the program as a springboard into civic engagement. Through Chainbreaker’s Bicycle Resource Center members have helped secure millions of dollars for parks, trails and buses over the years. Since its inception, Chainbreaker has served over 12,000 people, provided hands-on mechanic training to 8,000 people, and distributed over 2,000 bicycles. They estimate that this has saved people in our community over $10 million in fuel costs, conserved over 4 million gallons of gasoline and prevented over 70 tons of carbon emissions from entering our air and lungs.