Spring 2018 Sustainable Agriculture & Stewardship of Resources

Total of $99,000 granted:



Audubon New Mexico - $2,750:  To support expansion of long-established Outdoor Field Science Program beyond the current in-school model to create and deliver public programming that will reach students and families outside of school time.  [$2,500 from Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety - $3,000:  To support CCNS analysis, participation in administrative regulatory processes, and grassroots organizing in communities downwind and downstream of LANL. [$2,000 from Liberty Ranch Infinite Possibilities Fund, and $1,000 from ABCD Fund]


Denver Zoological Foundation, Inc. – Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge - $250:  To support field courses and internships which provide New Mexico students and recent graduates with hands-on research and restoration experiences, and site based trainings support community members to adopt sustainable land management practices. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Forest Stewards Guild - $10,000:  To support hands-on training to 35-40 youths from nine underserved rural communities in northern New Mexico through conservation projects for forest and watershed health, thereby building skills for future employment while positively impacting over 3,000 acres of public land each year.


Nature Conservancy in New Mexico - $250:  To support conservation initiatives at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, including continued restoration efforts around ecological functions and improving habitat complexity, as well as expansion of environmental education and volunteer programs focused on the preserve. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


New Energy Economy - $3,000:  To support the just transition to 100% renewable electricity through legal interventions in the San Juan Coal Abandonment Case and Integrated Resource Plan Case with a statewide political advocacy campaign and a Community Impact Assessment led by Diné organizers to engage the community to determine their needs, demands, and vision for a just transition. [$3,000 from Liberty Ranch Infinite Possibilities Fund]


New Mexico Environmental Law Center - $10,750:  To support work in New Mexico to protect our people as well as natural resources by providing the best legal support – at little or no cost – for people who have the fewest resources. [$10,000 from ABCD Fund, $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association - $15,000:  To support Value Chain Project that works with farmers, wholesale buyers, and grocery stores to increase access to New Mexico grown fresh product.


New Mexico Recycling Coalition - $250:  To support outreach to and education of farms in northern New Mexico about the Ag Container Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization fully funded by member companies that formulate and distribute fertilizer/pesticide products, and thus increase the number of farms utilizing the program and diverting this toxic plastic from landfills. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Pueblo de Abiquiu Library and Cultural Center - $1,750:  To support participation by local youth with partners such as the Berkeley University of California archaeology field school students in investigation of stone tools in nearby areas and mesa, as part of Reading Rocks, the State Library theme this summer. [$1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund, $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Quivira Coalition, Inc. - $6,250:  To support the New Agrarian program where experienced farmers and ranchers are trained to offer apprenticeships, create pathways for young people to enter careers in regenerative agriculture, strengthen the national network of nontraditional agricultural educators, and offer a framework for land succession prioritizing social, economic, and ecological health. [Includes $1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Reunity Resources - $250:  To support hiring a part-time farm manager to create a sustainable and multi-sector agricultural and distribution plan for produce grown by staff, interns, and volunteers. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens - $1,000:  To support preparation, printing and mailing of at least 3,000 bilingual brochures to targeted rural communities at risk for water contamination, too little water for irrigation, and health problems related to oil and gas recovery and hydrofracking. [$1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund]


River Source Inc. - $10,250:  To support mentoring, job shadowing, and work in environmental protection, restoring rivers and damaged watersheds, and community service for youth 14-25 years old from diverse communities (with an emphasis on Hispanic and Native American communities). [Includes $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Santa Fe Conservation Trust - $250:  To support VAMONOS:  SF Walks program which aims to introduce, broaden, and diversify a new group of trail enthusiasts with walks around Santa Fe’s urban park trails. [$250 from Wallen-Eloisa Fund]


Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute - $20,250:  To support training and development/ networking opportunities to improve farm businesses and expand the skill sets of local farmers, as well as support local food self-sufficiency through programs that help sustain a locally-based agricultural community and address local economic development, health, and environmental issues. [Includes $10,000 from Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


Taos Land Trust - $500:  To support strategic community conservation to identify and protect lands in Taos County that improve water quality and quantity, protect critical habitat, provide equitable access to trails and nature, and restore agricultural and acequia tradition. [$500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]


Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium - $2,000:  To support amendments that would include the Trinity Downwinders in the federal Radiation Exposure Compensation Act program. [$1,000 from Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund, and $1,000 from Liberty Ranch Infinite Possibilities Fund]


WildEarth Guardians - $11,250:  To support the cessation of trapping, poisoning, and aerial gunning of native species on their native landscapes in New Mexico and shift the paradigm to one of nonlethal management and coexistence.  [$10,000 from Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund, $1,000 from ABCD Fund, and $250 from Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]


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