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Santa Fe Community Foundation receives Girls Inc.'s 2017 Strong, Smart and Bold Award


October 3, 2017


Girls Inc. of Santa Fe honored the Foundation with the 2017 Strong, Smart and Bold Award at their annual Girls Inc. Gala on September 14, 2017 at the La Fonda on the Plaza. The following is excerpted from Kim Brown, President & CEO of Girls Inc.'s presentation:

"I know, you, just like us, believe in girls and want a world where many more girls grow up Strong, Smart, and Bold. These young women are our future. They will become future leaders and role models for their sisters, brothers, parents, family and friends and the next generation. Your positive contribution will shape our community and our larger society. 

So tonight is all about how we come together and how you make a difference.  Each and every one of you has an opportunity to give back and stand in her corner, to fuel her fire so she can succeed.

It has become clear to me and all of us that we cannot do this alone and it’s important to not only thank you all for joining us tonight and being part of her family but for us to also recognize an organization that has inspired New Mexico communities to be stronger, smarter and bolder for 33 years. 

Our honoree, our Strong, Smart and Bold award winner, is the Santa Fe Community Foundation.  

I was just thrilled when our committee selected the Community Foundation.  Here is an organization so dedicated to the Santa Fe community--- typically the one to honors others, and so deserving.  Their devotion to building healthy and vital communities is so critical for all of us. 

They focus their philanthropy on the critical issues facing our community and help nonprofits, like Girls Inc., become highly effective and achieve our full potential.

They make it more possible for all of us to tackle complex community problems.

As an organization, we have benefited greatly from your hard work.

My staff and I have attended numerous training, networking groups, and events put on by the team at Santa Fe Community Foundation, and I have seen the direct impact that has made on each of us.  My staff, colleagues, and I have become better leaders, more responsive to community needs and all around more intentional at doing our jobs.  

Community philanthropists are more engaged and give more strategically, making a bigger impact on our critical needs. Girls Inc. has received gifts throughout the years and those funds help us make a difference in the lives of girls.

So on behalf of the girls in Santa Fe, and all of us, I am happy to award you with this award.

Thank you for making all of us stronger, smarter and bolder." - Kim Brown, President & CEO at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

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Your Community Foundation. Your Voice. SFCF Community Conversation - Update

October 2, 2017


The Santa Fe Community Foundation hosted 11 Community Conversations throughout Santa Fe and one in Española in the last several months. Several community members attended the events and discussed areas of concern in the community and how the Foundation might play a role in addressing community obstacles. We look forward to staying in touch with the outcomes of the conversations.

About the conversations:

The conversations are a part of how we are redefining our goals and strategic framework focused on achieving more "equitable access to opportunities" in our communities.

Over the past year, the Santa Fe Community Foundation board and staff have engaged in deep reflection of our work and how we can better serve our community.  As a part of our learning journey, we have partnered in and reviewed many research and community engagement reports already created by our community partners on a broad range of topics to help challenge our assumptions and inform our views of the community.

What does "equitable access to opportunities" look like in our communities? 

In the daily lives of our residents?

In our unique role as a community foundation? 

For our nonprofit and donor partners?

...and how can we make the most impact with our limited resources?

These are questions we are asking ourselves as we map our path forward. We have a sense of the goal, but we do not have answers on how to get there. We know that we cannot achieve the goal without your partnership.