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Santa Fe Community Foundation invites you to
a Community Conversation
as a partner in shaping our strategy for the future.

August 22 - September 15, 2017
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We will be previewing our redefined goals and strategic framework focused on achieving more "equitable access to opportunities" in our communities.

Over the past several months, the Santa Fe Community Foundation board and staff have engaged in deep reflection of our work and how we can better serve our community.  As a part of our learning journey, we have partnered in and reviewed many research and community engagement reports already created by our community partners on a broad range of topics to help challenge our assumptions and inform our views of the community.

What does "equitable access to opportunities" look like in our communities?
In the daily lives of our residents?
In our unique role as a community foundation?
For our nonprofit and donor partners?
...and how can we make the most impact with our limited resources?

These are questions we are asking ourselves as we map our path forward. We have a sense of the goal, but we do not have answers on how to get there. We know that we cannot achieve the goal without your partnership.

The conversations will include, but not be limited to, our five areas of impact:

Cultural Vibrancy

Health & Wellbeing

Educational Success & Career Pathways

Economic Security & Opportunities, and

Sustainable Agriculture & Stewardship of Resources

We hope you will join us to share your experiences and insights on how we - SFCF and you - can overcome today's barriers to opportunity together and create an extraordinary tomorrow for all of our neighbors.

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*Please Note: All sessions run for 2 hours, except for the Mixed Session, which will run 2.5 hours

Nonprofit Partners/Grantees/Investees

Community Members


Consultants/Professional Advisors/Other Partners

Mixed Session (This Conversation is open to anyone who would like to attend.)

or contact Jane Yates at or 505-988-9715.