Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration

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Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration, a community collaborative initiative supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, is a collective impact effort among committed leaders and stakeholders to achieve birth to career success for all Santa Fe children, families, and communities by aligning our strategies, actions, and resources to improve outcomes.

Our Shared Vision for Birth to Career Success is to achieve: 

  • Successful Transitions across early childhood, K-12, post-secondary and career 
    by ensuring readiness, support, and completion across stages
  • Well Being for vulnerable children & families 
    by providing coordinated, wraparound support to help them thrive and succeed in school 
  • Equity in opportunities for children & families
    by addressing critical resource gaps in high poverty, high risk schools and community


For A Community Where All Children and Youth Thrive

In 2017, the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration and the City of Santa Fe Mayor's Children Youth and Families Community Cabinet came together to launch Opportunity Santa Fe: Birth to Career, a joint collective impact effort to improve lives and key transitions of children and youth across Santa Fe, from birth until they enter their careers. The effort launched at the 2017 Opportunity Santa Fe Community Summit with announcement of the 2020 Targets & Aspirational Goals and is supported by collective actions of many community partners.

Collaborative Working Groups: Moving from isolated impact to collective impact

COLLABORATIVE WORKING GROUPs (CWGs) are groups of cross-sector stakeholders who come together to plan and execute collective actions to improve outcomes in a focused area that are aligned with the shared vision and outcome goals of the B2C Collaboration. SF B2C recognizes the importance of such groups in making an impact in critical areas. SF B2C provides technical assistance, targeted financial assistance, and coordination to support the collective agenda. Collaborative Working Groups may be already existing as a groups working toward focused outcomes in certain areas (e.g., the Early Childhood Steering Committee, Southside Quality of Life Initiative) while others may form newly to fill gaps in areas where limited collaboration currently exists despite the needs. SF B2C currently supports six CWGs (as of March 2015)”
See more on the CWGs here.


Your Contacts for SF B2C 

Joohee Rand
Vice President for Community Investment and Strategy

(505) 988-9715 x 7023

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