Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration (SF B2C)

Visit new beta website in development for updated information on the SF B2C and explore the interactive online Data Hub, the Resource Hub, and the Collaboration Hub. Please note that these webpages are currently in development.  We welcome your feedback.  

What is SF B2C? 

Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration (SF B2C), a community collaborative initiative supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundataion, is a collective impact effort among committed leaders and stakeholders to achieve birth to career success for all Santa Fe children, families, and communities by aligning our strategies, actions, and resources to improve outcomes.  

Our Shared Vision for Birth to Career Success is to achieve: 

  • Successful Transitions across early childhood, K-12, post-secondary and career 
    by ensuring readiness, support, and completion across stages
  • Well Being for vulnerable children & families 
    by providing coordinated, wraparound support to help them thrive and succeed in school 
  • Equity in opportunities for children & families
    by addressing critical resource gaps in high poverty, high risk schools and community

Desired Outcomes for Birth to Career Success and Priority Indicators

SF B2C is currently working on developing indicators to measure the progress on outcomes and will invite community input in the near future. 

Background, Current Partners & Invitation to Join the Effort 

In 2012, Santa Fe Community Foundation organized a series of convening and research to explore the deep-rooted connection of poverty and poor educational outcomes and to analyze distribution of philanthropic resources in Santa Fe Public Schools. In August 2013, leaders from four key educational and philanthropic anchor institutions in Santa Fe came together to explore how we can work together to improve educational outcomes for children and families in Santa Fe.  As an important first step, a Data Team was launched to share data and strategies across institutions, analyze indicators, overlaps and gaps, and identify opportunities for alignment toward common agenda and collective priorities.  

Download the philanthropic funding analysis report here
Download the summary of the Data Team's key findings (Coming Soon)

Current partners in the early phase of the SF B2C include the United Way of Santa Fe County, Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe Community Foundation, City of Santa Fe and the expanded Data Team including the City of Santa Fe Children & Youth Commission and Economic Development Department, The Baby Fund, Communities in Schools-NM and UNM Center for Education Policy & Research (Data Consultant for the project).   SFCF is currently providing “backbone” support for SF B2C.  The Collaboration will broaden the engagement and partnership over the next year and will invite cross-sector stakeholders to participate in the efforts.  SF B2C will also support and actively coordinate and align its role, strategies and activities with the new Santa Fe Mayor’s Children, Youth and Families Community Cabinet [see attached press release here] to ensure that we are collectively working toward the most effective outcome for the community in a mutually reinforcing way.   

“Opportunity Places”  "Moving the Needle" with Place-based Approach

SF B2C has identified priority “Opportunity Places” to target resources and collective actions to address the gaps in opportunities that affect critical outcomes for the highest needs schools and neighborhoods in Santa Fe.   They include the three neighborhoods (Airport, Agua Fria and Midtown Triangle) encompassing 10 Census tracts and 11 schools that have the highest rates of poverty, lowest adult educational attainment, and the most number of households with children under 18 headed by a single female.    These areas also include key current place-based initiatives in Santa Fe community including the Southside Quality of Life initiative and the proposed Agua Fria Early Learning Center developed in partnership by the Santa Fe Public Schools and the United Way.  
See more details on the “Opportunity Places” here

Investing in Systems for Long-Term Collective Impact: Data & Resource  

SF B2C will invest in building systems to enable and sustain the collective impact efforts over the long-term including leadership and organizational accountability model, collaborative Data & Resource Hub, community convening and engagement, communications and funding.  
In particular, the Data & Resource Hub will enable data-driven strategic alignments, collective actions and continuous learning as a community to improve birth to career outcomes in Santa Fe. Along with the Data Team, Shared Indicators/Measurement and Collaborative Data Systems, the ONLINE Data & Resource Hub will provide a central web-based hub for the community to communicate and find information on data, resources, schools and existing collaborations in Santa Fe working to improve birth to career outcomes.  The website is currently being developed in partnership with SHARE New Mexico (, a statewide platform. A beta site launch is planned in late October 2014 for community participation and input.  

Download 1-page overview on Data & Resource Hub here
Visit the beta website currently in development –

Collaborative Working Groups: Moving from isolated impact to collective impact

COLLABORATIVE WORKING GROUPs (CWGs) are groups of cross-sector stakeholders who come together to plan and execute collective actions to improve outcomes in a focused area that are aligned with the shared vision and outcome goals of the B2C Collaboration.  SF B2C recognizes the importance of such groups in making an impact in critical areas. SF B2C will provide technical assistance, targeted financial assistance, and coordination to support the collective agenda.  Collaborative Working Groups may be already existing as a groups working toward focused outcomes in certain areas (e.g., the Early Childhood Steering Committee, Southside Quality of Life Initiative) while others may form newly to fill gaps in areas where limited collaboration currently exists despite the needs. SF B2C currently supports six CWGs (as of March 2015)”
See more details and how SF B2C can support CWGs here
Visit the Collaboration Hub (currently in development) to learn more about current CWGs