BIPOC Leaders Growing Nonprofit Power Together: 'BIPOC Centering' Nonprofit Practices


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This session offers an emergent conversation about where care and nonprofit structure align and where funding enters and holds space for "BIPOC centering" nonprofit practices.

New and aspiring BIPOC nonprofit leaders
September 15, 2023 9:00 AM

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Friday, September 15, 2023 | 9:00 -11:00 am

Facilitated by Sunshine Muse, our Learning Hub program BIPOC Leaders Growing Nonprofit Power Together serves as a support group for new and aspiring BIPOC nonprofit leaders will focus on the foundational and evolving knowledge needed to successfully run a sustainable organization from the ground up. This is one of five drop-in sessions and you are able to register for as many as meets your interest and need.

Mixing our original topic of funding with our emerging need to center care of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color nonprofit workers in everything we do. This session has shifted its driving questions. Join us for an emergent conversation about where care and non-profit structure align and where funding enters and holds space for "BIPOC centering" non-profit practices.

What does it mean to actively center BIPOC people in non-profit work spaces. Why is care important and how can it be funded? There are liberatory frameworks, practices and non-profit structures that directly prioritize care of BIPOC employees. How does this impact the work we do and why is it important?

This session features guest facilitators Giovianna Burrell and Jessica Espinoza-Jensen.

About Sunshine Muse

With over 25 years of academic and professional training, and a lifelong commitment and passion for social justice and equity, Sunshine Muse brings a unique perspective and expertise to facilitation and program design for community, higher ed, health systems and social services.

Muse has been a New Mexico resident since 2010 and has been the executive Director of Black Health New Mexico since 2018. Black Health New Mexico is a Black women-led nonprofit focused on shifting paradigms to help create a world where public health is more effective, people are more thoughtfully engaged, and history is not forgotten.

Originally from New York City, Muse grew up marinating in the American Cultural Melting Pot and the gender, cultural, language, economic, and ethnic inequities within it.

Muse has co-authored legislation, worked as the director of sexual misconduct education and adjudication at an Ivy League university, served as an instructor in the School of Nursing at Columbia University, designed curriculum for the department of probation in New York, and served as the educational coordinator of a violence intervention program at the (then) largest social service agency in the country.Her first love is facilitation and favorite strategy is love.


About Giovianna Burrell

Giovianna Burrell (she/her) is committed to the work of education and healing with their ability to create authentic change. She has a Bachelor of Science in Family/Child Studies with a Minor in Dance. In 2019, she received her Masters of Art in Educational Leadership, Policy & Administration where she wrote her thesis on the mental health impacts of the education system on Black women and girls and it’ false promises of “liberation”. Both degrees are from the University of New Mexico. Giovianna has worked in the field of education for over 10 years in various settings from public/community schools to non-profit. Giovianna’s work in education includes developing and managing educational programming for youth, teens, young adults, and in her previous role with adults as she was appointed to the City of Albuquerque Office of Equity & Inclusion as the first Culture Change Leader. She has recently transitioned to the Public Health Institute (based in Oakland, CA) as a Program Manager (Co-Lead) developing & implementing racial equity, anti-racism, and social justice curriculum for the Capitol Collaborative for Race & Equity (CCORE) that is a learning and capacity building program for California state employees. In August2023, she visioned & launched a healing learning cohort for Black, Indigenous, andPeople of Color state employees and community members in California called theCCORE Transformative Leadership Cohort. Although, her work is based in California now, she is still lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico which she has been for the past 15 years. She also created and facilitated many meaningful workshops paces to critically dialogue about race, gender, intersectionality, and other social justice topics. Supporting Black, Indigenous folx and communities of color to reach their greatest potential through education, embodiment, and healing is where her passion lies in this work. Through her consulting business Saff’s Sanctuary LLC she is actualizing this passion.


About Jessica Eva Espinoza-Jensen

Jessi currently serves as the Director of Funder Organizing at Justice Funders, a self-directed worker non-profit, which organizes philanthropy to redistribute wealth, democratize power, and shift economic control to communities. The organization practices the values of psychological safety, centering wellbeing, radical interdependence, untethered imagination, and generative leadership towards a Just Transition for philanthropy. In addition to her functional role, Jessi serves on the Program Strategy & Cohesion Circle and Regenerative Finance Circle.

Jessi has 15 years of experience in grassroots partnership building, capacity building, community building, facilitation, community driven research, and art-based practices which cultivate creativity, curiosity, connectedness, and play. Prior to joining Justice Funders, Jessi was the Director of the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, a statewide network working to advance health equity and racial justice.

Jessi lives in Santa Fe, grew up in Albuquerque, and has family roots in Mexico. She holds a MA in Sociology and a BBA in Marketing & Accounting. Jessi was the proud mama to two beagles for 16 years and recently adopted a rescue coonhound named, Letna. Jessi enjoys morning walks to the river and spending time in the mountains. Creative care practices, such as bilateral drawing, making photo stories, and somatic scribing to the sounds of nature also bring her joy.


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