Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Nonprofit Sector: Session 1


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Designed and facilitated by Prospera Partners, this 8-session workshop will help nonprofit leaders recognize and transform systems of inequity in their organizations. ‍

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January 28, 2022 2:00 PM
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Registration includes all eight sessions that will occur bi-weekly from January 28 through May 6, 2022

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Recent events have exposed a larger audience to inequities that are woven into the fabric of the U.S. To the surprise of some and the lived reality of most, this includes the systemic racism and other interconnected systems of oppression that are present in the nonprofit sector.

This program was created as an opportunity to collectively examine and identify inherent injustices in U.S. systems, while rethinking the potential of the sector to move forward, centering equity and dismantling white dominant culture. Our facilitation team will lead this eight-session program to unravel the systemic racism of the nonprofit sector, and guide and motivate leaders to transform the sector for more equitable systems and distributed power. This is open to anyone working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector – board members, volunteer teams, staff, program officers, donors – anyone who wants to both learn about racism in the sector AND do something about it.

In this sixteen-hour (eight two-hour sessions) workshop you’ll join nonprofit professionals in a guided examination of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. The sessions are lively, virtual gatherings with group discussion, reflection exercises, and a chance to learn from and connect with your peers. Sessions are NOT recorded. Your full participation in these experiential learning sessions helps to create trust among participants and provide a brave space form learning and exploring together.

In these sessions we will:

  • Examine the history of the nonprofit sector: how it came to be, and how philanthropy was designed for the benefit of corporate interests;
  • Explore how to dismantle systemic racism and interconnected systems of oppression (and privilege) in the sector
  • Increase capacity to work with boards, staff, and volunteers to rebuild an equitable and just organization;
  • Develop an understanding of the problematic nature of an “urgency” mindset (often pervasive on boards when addressing anti-racism and equity issues);
  • Strengthen our collective ability to talk to Philanthropy about systemic racism;
  • Explore methods and strategies to support staff, board, and volunteers in their own anti-racism journeys;
  • Provide an intentional container for personal learning, transformation, networking, and support.

These sessions are designed by Prospera Partners and facilitated by our Emerging Social Sector Leaders co-facilitation team made up of Vicki Pozzebon, Kourtney Andar, Rae Miller, and Eileen Everett and hosted by the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

"I got so much from this program from Day 1. I could literally feel the growth, even growing pains, with each session, which I really took to heart and turned that feeling into practice and action. When it comes to social change, the path to progress is never a straight line, but I am leaving this experience with a clearer focus and sense of purpose in terms of my role in dismantling racism within my sphere of influence." - Fall 2021 DSRNP Participant

New Mexico Participant ticket prices are partially sponsored by the Santa Fe Community Foundation according to organizational budget.


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