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Executive leaders of nonprofit organizations are often asked to assume senior leadership roles without having had an opportunity to develop a full mastery of the competencies crucial to succeeding as intentional, innovative, and inspiring leaders. This program will bring together a peer-based cohort of highly experienced directors of northern New Mexico nonprofits to:

  • Participate in quarterly cohort “leadership labs”facilitated by Daniel Silverman MD MPA, a senior executive leadership coach
  • Complete and debrief the TriMetrix ® Leadership and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode ® assessments of their current leadership styles, behavioral preferences and opportunities to grow and excel as an executive leader
  • Receive monthly one-on-one customized Coaching Sessions with Dr. Silverman designed to identify, define, and master behavioral goals and competencies foundational to skillful leadership, effective communication, and team building

Individual and group sessions will emphasize mastering or refining key behaviors needed to be a great leader including:

  • Building greater Emotional Intelligence (self and other awareness) as a leader
  • Developing a values-based, Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Leading to create a sense of Psychological Safety in Teams
  • Learning how to use power and influence to achieve coordinated results in organizations
  • Moving from Transactional Leadership to Transformational Leadership
  • Conducting “crucial conversations” with direct reports, peers, and supervisors
  • Mastering the management of conflict within teams and organizations
  • Managing organizational change in challenging times

Who leads this initiative?

This initiative is led by Dr. Daniel (Danny) Silverman, MD MPA. Click here to read his bio.

Who should apply?

This application is by invitation only. Five members will be selected for this cohort. The ideal candidate is a New Mexico-based nonprofit leader who is seeking mentorship, peer connection, hard and soft skills, and the time and space to focus on their own specific leadership path. This includes developing leaders who are actively working on growing their career and looking for opportunities to deepen their practices. The ideal candidate would meet at least three of the following applicant standards:

  1. At least 5-10 years of professional work experience
  2. At least 1-3 years of experience in a leadership role
  3. Priority consideration will be given to BIPOC leaders, and/or
  4. Priority consideration will be given to Leaders from organizations with annual budgets between $100,000-$500,000.

Cohort members will:

  • Be currently employed in the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.
  • Have a demonstrated history of commitment to community work and the New Mexico nonprofit sector.
  • Have the support of their employer and be available to participate in all program sessions.
  • Be able to commit to follow up assignments between sessions.
  • Be ready to work on clarifying their own skill and leadership development needs
  • Be willing to complete and debrief the TriMetrix® Leadership and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode ® Assessments
  • Develop a Personal Leadership Philosophy Statement

What is the time commitment?

Participation is by application and the initial debriefing of the Leadership Assessments will take 90 minutes. Learning labs will be quarterly 2.5-hour sessions. Monthly Coaching sessions will run for 45 minutes to an hour and will be done virtually. Each participant will develop a values based “Personal Leadership Philosophy Statement” and will share it with the cohort group during a leadership learning lab session. The results documents of the validated Trimetrix ® and Thomas-Kilmann ® instruments will be the personal property of the participants. Sharing aspects of the results of these assessments with the cohort is completely voluntary but encouraged to build group closeness and trust.

Registration Fees

This program is being donated to the Foundation and to its participants. We simply ask for your commitment and investment of time for your own personal growth and the building of community.


2022-2023 Cohort Members

We are pleased to recognize the following participants for this 2022-2023 pilot:

  • Raashan Ahmad, Vital Spaces
  • John Driskell, NB3 Foundation
  • Pamela Powers, Golden Apple New Mexico
  • Missy Wauneka, Teach for America New Mexico

We honor them for the commitment they have made to this program and to theirwork on behalf of our communities.


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