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Rights of Nature Folk Opera / Los Derechos
Folk Opera/ Los Derechos de la Naturaleza Opera Folklorico is seeking a grant of ten thousand dollars that will be matched by a supporting patroness. The Grant will be used to edit, prepare and arrange the music and the libretto for performance, as well as develop an educational curriculum that uses critical thinking skills to teach and engage people of all ages in the critical work of earth care; building a culturally and ecologically sustainable society that honors, protects and restores nature, using art, music, dance and theater as a means of communication and cooperation. The work will engage and teach many of the funding priorities including: Art as a Bridge, Storytelling, Education Success and Career Pathways, Systems Change, Civic Engagement, Sustainable Agriculture and Stewardship of Resources, Health and Wellbeing, Cultural Vibrancy, and the Creative Economy.

Deadline for donations: May 27, 2021

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