Arts Grantees in 2013

Arts:  A total of $120,900 granted:


ARTsmart – $10,000:  To support programs from visiting artist programs for elementary through high school, to ArtFeast, where student-produced art is sold with a 50/50 split between students and teachers.

ARTsmart/Native American – $2,250:  To support an after-school program in Santa Clara Pueblo Day School with a Tewa language component, providing a safe and structured extended learning day rich in visual arts learning as well as the opportunity for increased exposure to the language. [$2,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund, and $250 from the Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]

Cornerstones Community Partnership – $15,000:  To support the summer 2014 Youth Internship Program which teaches New Mexico youth the hands-on knowledge and traditional building skills needed to preserve historic buildings in their community.

The Family YMCA – $750:  To support hands-on projects in sculptural welding, bike building, diorama creation of local landmarks, farm-to-plate growing and cooking, audio engineering, mural design, jewelry making, and woodworking.  [$500 from the Jack & Mary Gilliam Endowment Fund, and $250 from the Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]

The Lensic Performing Arts Center – $20,500:  To increase access to art and education programs that bring residents together to celebrate common heritage and to build understanding among diverse cultures by subsidizing ticket prices, production and rental costs, and offering free education programs. [Includes $5,000 from the Quarrier B. Cook Fund, and $500 from the Chamisa Fund]

New Mexico Literary Arts – $3,750:  To support the performance of well-loved classic poems and create new poems with people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. [$3,750 from the Castagnola Family Fund]

Parallel Studios – $5,000:  To bring the work of over 100 local, regional, national, and international artists to exhibit disciplines such as video art, interactive media installations, sound installations, web-art, art gaming, and multimedia performance.

Partners in Education/ArtWorks – $10,400:  By using Santa Fe’s arts community, ArtWorks helps public school students build critical thinking skills through inquiry, art-making, and viewing live performances and exhibits.  Teachers are also trained to use the arts in math and language skills. [$400 from the Turn & Return Fund]

Sangre de Cristo Chorale – $500:  To enrich the cultural experiences of community audiences and enhance the knowledge and skills of high school students in northern New Mexico through apprenticeships, school choir workshop and engagement programs, and scholarships for seniors.  [$500 from the Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe Community Orchestra – $500:  To support free, high-quality concerts accessible to the economically disadvantaged, including elderly, families, and those on a fixed income, and public school students in class and on stage. [$250 from the Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund, and $250 from the Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]

Santa Fe Concert Association – $12,500:  To support workshops and 25+ performances over nine months – all from internationally-acclaimed artists – for the benefit of programs including Santa Fe Public Schools, National Dance Institute, New Mexico School for the Arts, and assisted living facilities. [$10,000 from the Petshek Arts Fund, $2,000 from the Castagnola Family Fund, and $500 from the Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]

Santa Fe Desert Chorale – $11,000:  To support annual performance seasons, education programs in the schools, complementary performance outreach activities, and a new initiative intended to reach underserved populations by partnering with social service agencies and Santa Fe Public Schools. [$10,000 from the Petshek Arts Fund, and $1,000 from the Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe Pro Musica – $10,000:  To support youth concerts for over 1,300 children to engage with your soloists in a concert and Q&A format, and collaboration with NDI-NM dance students for a performance of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” with a live orchestra of New Mexico musicians. [$10,000 from the Petshek Arts Fund]

Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus – $10,000:  To support mentor programs and scholarships that are available to youth in Santa Fe, northern New Mexico, and beyond, as well as the FanFare program which provides free chamber music recitals by Santa Fe Symphony musicians for residents of retirement homes across Santa Fe. [$10,000 from the Petshek Arts Fund]

Santa Fe Teen Arts Center (Warehouse 21) – $1,000:  To support youth-driven multi-genre, multi-cultural, and innovative arts experiences through concerts, theater, radio, recordings, and art exhibitions. As a result of their work, youth can become entrepreneurs in the arts industry. [$1,000 from the Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]

Southwestern Association for Indian Arts – $2,000:  To support Santa Fe Indian Market Week. [$2,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund]

Taos Center for the Arts – $10,000:  To support visual, performing, and media arts in northern New Mexico, and to support the Center’s role in building the community of Taos as a “hub for the arts” – a service to the community, an attraction for visitors, and an economic incentive. 

Wise Fool New Mexico – $4,000:  To support TeenBust, a new award-winning, women-run program utilizing the theatrical, accessible, and revolutionary nature of circus and puppetry to inspire New Mexicans to dream big, engage in the arts, and explore their potential. [$3,750 from the Castagnola Family Fund, and $250 from the Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund]



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