Education Grantees in 2013

A total of $195,300 granted:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern New Mexico - $15,500:

To support 1-on-1 youth mentoring which builds skills like grit, self control, critical thinking, curiosity and resiliency in ways schools and families sometimes can’t. This helps keep kids in school, leading to higher graduation rates, better citizens and stronger communities. [Includes $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Bridges Project for Education - $2,200: 

To support efforts to help first-generation to college students and their families through the college admissions and financial aid process. [$1,700 from Ruth Anne Norris Education Endowment Fund and $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Cañones Early Childhood Center - $3,000: 

To interrupt the impact of rural isolation and poverty, by providing family-centered child development and early/emergent literacy services to an underserved population of rural, isolated families with preschool children living in northern New Mexico (Rio Arriba County). [$3,000 from Buckman Family Fund]

Communities in Schools - $31,000: 

To enhance and expand integrated student service program coordination at eight Santa Fe Public Schools - building off of 16 years serving high-poverty, low-achieving students through direct services and case management. [Includes $10,000 from Buckman Family Fund, $5,000 from Anonymous Memorial Fund, $5,000 from Edward John Noble Foundation for Jordan & David Smith Fund, and $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Cooking with Kids, Inc. - $9,500: 

To provide children with a positive experience with healthy foods.  Through the program, over 4,900 children annually learn how to cook healthy foods and make good food choices. [$5,000 from Buckman Family Fund, $4,000 from Harold & Norma Brown Environmental Fund, and $500 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]

Creativity for Peace - $10,500: 

To train young Palestinian and Israeli women to partner as leaders by breaking down barriers of anger and prejudice, facilitating friendships, and inspiring action to promote peace in the region and internationally. [$10,000 from Sherpa Fund, and $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Dual Language Education of New Mexico – $15,800: 

To provide support and technical assistance to administrators and teacher leaders in Santa Fe Public Schools, with the goal of promoting equity and narrowing the achievement gap for English language learners. [Includes $10,000 from Anonymous Memorial Fund, and $1,800 from Ruth Anne Norris Education Endowment Fund]

Girls Incorporated of Santa Fe - $14,800: 

To assist young girls in an expanded learning environment both after school and during spring and summer breaks by using programs that are fully researched and provided by Girls Inc. National such as STEM, Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy, Economic Literacy, Media Literacy, & Friendly PEERsuasion. [Includes $5,000 from Edward John Noble Foundation for Jordan & David Smith Fund, $3,000 from Buckman Family Fund, $500 from Eric Fund, and $300 from Frederick N. & Mary E. Bender Fund]

Las Campanas Compadres - $500: 

To offer activities free of charge at the Las Campanas equestrian and swimming facilities to people with special needs.  [$500 from Eric Fund]

Life Skills for Youth of Northern New Mexico - $2,000: 

To provide life skills and character education through teaching their Nine Core Values, Healthy Habits, and learning strategies designed to show measureable improvement in school performance to positively influence Native America youth, preparing them for success through high school, college and life. [$2,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund]

Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe - $7,000: 

To provide free tutoring services to meet the needs of adults who struggle to read and write and those who need to learn English. [$4,000 from Harold & Norma Brown Environmental Fund, $3,000 from Buckman Family Fund]

McCurdy Schools of Northern New Mexico - $15,000: 

To expand Project Cariño, launch Camp Stars and a Teen Center for students and families of McCurdy Charter School to combat the effects of poverty, the high dropout and teen pregnancy rates in Española. [Includes $5,000 from Anonymous Memorial Fund]

National Dance Institute - NM - $10,000: 

To support National Dance Institute-NM’s partnership with 29 schools in northern New Mexico to offer dance-based classes to primarily low-income and Hispanic and Native American students to help them build successful learning strategies and develop confidence, focus, perseverance and other skills that help them succeed in school.  [$10,000 from Sherpa Fund]

New Mexico Voices for Children - $15,000: 

To help people use meaningful data to advocate for their communities, influence early childhood state policy, and support data-sharing among state and non-profit agencies.

Nonviolence Works - $15,000: 

To inspire, train and empower youth to lead lives of nonviolence through mentoring, support groups, counseling, fatherhood program, and nonviolence classes. The strategy: vibrant volunteerism supported by professional expertise and amplified by extensive community-wide collaborations.

Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center - $10,000: 

To provide community arts education outreach to an underserved population within Española Valley, Rio Arriba County and the City of Española.

Santa Fe Indian School Spoken Word Program - $2,000: 

To provide violence-reduction training (bullying prevention, conflict resolution, life-skills development, impulse control, anger management, problem solving), peer mediation, and student counseling. [$2,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund]

Santa Fe Public Schools ADELANTE Program - $1,000: 

To provide weekly case management, evening programs, advocacy, tutoring, material aid, food, supplies, and links to housing and other social services for children. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences - $5,000: 

To support a free, two-week summer reading camp, “Reading is Magic,” a component of Hooked on Books which is a community-wide literacy campaign.

Santa Fe YouthWorks - $500: 

To provide essential GED education, college readiness and placement, employment and social services to out-of-school, high-risk, low-income and predominately Hispanic youth age 14-24. [$500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Youth Media Project - $10,000: 

To support programs that foster creative and informed expression through educational partnerships that teach media literacy, radio production, broadcasting, and reflective dialogue. [Includes $5,000 from Buckman Family Fund]



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