Health & Human Services Grantees in 2012

Health – a total of $120,050 granted:

Alzheimer’s Association - $5,000: To assist in improving quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers in the Santa Fe area through evidence-based caregiver training and support, and to educate the larger community on dementia prevention, diagnosis and resources.

Coming Home Connection - $10,400: To support building the infrastructure of Coming Home Connection in Santa Fe County and expand the program to Los Alamos/Rio Arriba Counties. [Includes $400 from Turn & Return Fund]

Drug Policy Alliance - $10,250: To expand access to drug treatment and other effective health services while we reduce the over-reliance on arrest and incarceration as a response to public health problems. [Includes $250 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Espanola Public Schools - $400: To support a series of public information videos (PSAs) to focus on the safety and mental health for children, women, families, and sexual minorities and the elderly in our community. These PSAs will be broadcast in the schools and on Espanola public access TV. [$400 from Turn & Return Fund]

La Familia Medical Center – Healthcare for the Homeless - $7,000: To expand the Healthcare for the Homeless clinic’s involvement in and services to the Santa Fe Resource & Opportunity Center to help eliminate homelessness in the community. [$5,000 from B B & B Fund; $1,000 from Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer Fund; $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Mora Valley Community Health Services - $15,000: To provide almost 20,000 congregate and home delivered meals on a yearly basis to elderly persons in Mora County. This program is funded to serve only serve 13,000 meals.

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project - $10,000: To support the youth suicide prevention

initiative which addresses the significant gap and need that exists for crisis intervention, follow up, and preventative care in order to reduce costly hospitalizations and increase healthy outcomes for suicide vulnerable youth.

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project- $4,000: To integrate a social justice training component into our Natural Helpers Program. Natural Helpers are middle and high school students who learn how to listen and respond effectively when fellow students experience a wide range of difficulties. [$4,000 from Envision Fund (fka Lesbian & Gay Endowment Fund)]

Pecos Valley Medical Center - $15,000: To provide comprehensive medical and dental care to all community members regardless of their ability to pay, and to provide funding for our Indigent Fund for patients who don't have the ability to pay for testing that's not covered through our sliding scale programs.

Presbyterian Medical Services – Teen Health Center - $15,000: To support the two High School-Based Health Centers by providing essential classroom sexuality education and confidential clinic services to avoid pregnancy and stop the spread of STD's.

Railyard Stewards - $5,000: To support collaboration with two Indian groups, Wings for America and the Coordinator for Indian Education for SF Public Schools, to target urban Indians families in need of exercise for health reasons (diabetes, obesity, etc.) to come to the Railyard Park for exercise and training. [$5,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund]

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation - $1,000: To support the Christus St. Vincent Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which treats over 1,300 patients each year regardless of income, ethnicity, cultural differences, insurance status, or ability to pay. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe Mountain Center - $2,000: To support Adventures in a Caring Community (ACC), an experiential bullying prevention program that creates a caring community by increasing social engagement/empathy, teaching bullying intervention skills, and decreasing stress and anxiety. The ACC is a year-long program at two Santa Fe elementary schools. [$1,000 from Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer Fund; $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe Mountain Center - $7,000: Santa Fe Mountain Center’s New Mexico Gay Straight Alliance Network builds resiliency, positive identity development, self-efficacy, mental health and empowerment of LGBTQ youth through peer training, peer support, and leadership development of over 500 youth in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico. [$7,000 from Envision Fund (fka Lesbian & Gay Endowment Fund)]

Transgender Resources Center of New Mexico - $2,000: To support several health related programs offered by TGRCNM. Speakers Bureau and cultural competency training for clinical providers are going strong. Additional new health programming is planned for transgender people. [$2,000 from Envision Fund (fka Lesbian & Gay Endowment Fund)]

Villa Therese Catholic Clinic - $10,000: To provide comprehensive preventive oral health care to 100 uninsured children.

Women’s Health Services - $1,000: To support operational expenses for services for women and families in Northern New Mexico. Funding will lower the reimbursement gap for Medicare, Medicaid, and uninsured patients and allow WHS to continue the same level of care. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Human Services – a total of $164,350 granted:

Bienvenidos Outreach, Inc. - $1,000: To provide assistance with food, clothing and household items to our clients in Santa Fe and the surrounding area. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

CASA, First Judicial District - $11,250: To train and support committed community volunteers who serve as advocates for children in foster care who have been abandoned, abused and neglected by their parents. [Includes $1,000 from Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer Fund; $250 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico - $15,000: To educate parents about the effects of violence in the lives of children.

Dreamtree Project - $15,000: To provide homeless and in need youth with a safe living environment, case management, health care referrals, vocational/educational tutoring, and other resources for creating a productive lifestyle while transitioning back to the family or other safe environment.

Food Depot - $18,200: To support the new Food Distribution and Education Center, which will enable growth of core programs and offer opportunities for increased collaborations with partner agencies and community programs. The Food Depot anticipates increasing its annual food distribution by 10 percent to 5.3 million meals. [Includes $1,000 from Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer Fund; $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund; $1,000 from Sage Fund/Bienvenu Family Fund; $800 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund; $400 from Turn & Return Fund]

Food for Santa Fe - $1,000: To provide weekly bags of food to individuals and families in the greater Santa Fe area who experience hunger and food insecurity, reaching not only low to very-income persons, but those experiencing illness, injury, job loss or death of a provider. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Gerard’s House - $500: To support grieving youth, ages 3-21, in Northern New Mexico. Services are provided free to more than 200 participants annually, 70 percent Hispanic and Native American, mostly low to moderate income, by 20 volunteer grief facilitators and 3 paid staff. [$500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

IMPACT Personal Safety - $4,000: To teach LGBTQ youth and allies to prevent and defend themselves and their communities against violence through school GSAs, Santa Fe Mountain Center, and school classes. IMPACT works to not only equip “out” youth, but also to create an environment in which students can feel safe coming “out”. [$4,000 from Envision Fund (fka Lesbian & Gay Endowment Fund)]

Inside Out - $5,000: To provide free recovery supports for substance abusers through direct services including peer-run individual and group counseling and youth prevention activities. INSIDE OUT also connects a disadvantaged population with community resources that aid in the recovery process.

Interfaith Community Shelter Group, Inc. - $2,200: To provide supportive mental health, educational/life skills programs improving the well-being of homeless individuals. Funding would enable the hiring of staff offering more critical, culturally sensitive comprehensive services to homeless individuals. [$1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund; $800 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund; $400 from Turn & Return Fund]

Las Cumbres Community Services - $1,500: To support a new multigenerational program to help and support grandparents who are caring for their young grandchildren. The program addresses the unique social, emotional, and behavioral challenges faced by both the adults and children in these homes. [$1,000 from Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer Fund; $500 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

The Leadership Institute (Brave Girls) - $5,000: Brave Girls, a project of the Leadership Institute is a program aimed at promoting positive change and leadership in high school age girls at the Santa Fe Indian School. Based on the model of the Leadership Institute the young women follow a similar model in their development as upcoming leaders. [$5,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund]

Planned Parenthood of New Mexico - $10,800: To provide over 3,000 teens in Santa Fe Public Schools with the information they need to avoid pregnancy and achieve their educational goals. Comprehensive sex education has been proven to reduce teen pregnancy. [Includes $5,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund; $800 from Dr. & Mrs. Cameron Haight Fund]

Samaritan House - $10,250: To serve the homeless and needy in San Miguel/Mora/Guadalupe areas through its Food Pantry, Homeless Shelter, Thrift Store and Community Transitional Housing Program. Samaritan House works with those in crisis and transition to address basic needs and create long term change. [Includes $250 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute - $5,000: To empower people to access locally produced food and contribute as they can to the local food system, and enable agricultural producers from Northern New Mexico to improve their businesses and livelihoods. Funding will strengthen Institute farmer and community education & outreach programs. [$5,000 from B B & B Fund]

Santa Fe Recovery Center - $15,000: To work with individuals to sustain resilient lifelong recovery from alcoholism, addictions and related mental illness by providing culturally relevant evidence-based treatment in partnership with other community organizations.

Santa Fe Recovery Center - $400: To provide addiction treatment to the most at-risk and underserved LGBTQ populations in our region. [$400 from Turn & Return Fund]

St. Elizabeth Shelter - $16,000: To support two emergency shelters, three supportive housing programs, twice-weekly Resource Center, monthly Homeless Court and other services that assist 2,400 homeless men, women and children each year. [Includes $1,000 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Tewa Women United - $10,250: To support Tewa Women United’s culturally competent services to the underserved pueblos of Ohkay Owingeh, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Nambe, Pojoaque and Tesuque. Activities promote resiliency and heal the intergenerational trauma and violence manifested in our communities. [Includes $5,000 from Native American Advised Endowment Fund; $5,000 from B B & B Fund; $250 from Susan & Conrad De Jong Fund]

Youth Shelters and Family Services - $16,000: To support a Youth Emergency Shelter, Street Outreach Program, Transitional Living Program, Community Counseling Center, and Civic Justice Corps. These services promote safety, stability, and independence for 1,000 homeless, runaway, and in-crisis youth and family members annually. [Includes $1,000 from Sage Fund/Bienvenu Family Fund]

Youth Shelters and Family Services - $5,000: To support Youth Shelters’ gay-straight alliance, formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Meeting (GLAM), but now referred to as “Expressions.” It meets once a week for two hours, covering discussion topics such as identification, gender, media education, homophobia/heterosexism, personal safety, safe sexual practices, depression and suicide prevention, healthy relationships, self-expression, advocacy, and community resources. [$5,000 from Envision Fund (fka Lesbian & Gay Endowment Fund)]

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