Technical Assistance Workshops for Nonprofits

2012 Nonprofit Management Series

Advanced Nonprofit Employment Law with Steve Meilleur

Thursday, November 8, 2012

  • This workshop will emphasize preventing problems and avoiding the employment law landmines that can lead to costly litigation. All employers throughout the United States are faced with rapid and increasing changes and developments in the area of employment law. Employment-related claims can often result in tremendous employer liability as well as substantial legal expense, and for the manager and/or supervisor involved, such claims can be extremely upsetting, and stressful. For the employer, the real cost of litigation goes well beyond attorney fees and any settlements paid – the cost of lost productivity and lowered morale are debilitating.
  • While it is virtually impossible for any employer to eliminate all potential employment litigation, attendees will learn how to lower the risk of employment-related claims by learning such techniques to avoid legal landmines such as: documentation of performance, training employees for success, performance evaluation, consistent treatment, privacy and providing legal references, consistent application of policy, your affirmative duty to act, and addressing a hostile work environment.

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 Nonprofit Advocacy 201: Working with Your Legislature with Ariel Bickel and Erin Marshall


Advocacy 201 has been designed for organizations that are ready to actively engage in advocacy work. The day has been scheduled to queue up participants for working with legislative committees in advance of the 2013 session. Topics of discussion:

  • An over view of nonprofit advocacy
  • Legislation vs. regulation
  • Legislative interim committees
  • Administration
  • Commissions
  • Advocacy experiences, challenges and goals
  • Advanced messaging
  • Creating goals and strategies for campaign plans supporting  priorities
  • Grassroots development and engagement.
  • Mock interim meeting

Ariel Bickel Ariel Bickel is the owner and principle consultant at Chispa Consulting. She works with nonprofit organizations, political and issue campaigns, and community groups on a myriad of issues, from the conservation to voting rights. Ariel entered the world of civic engagement organizing in the 1990's, when she became involved in social justice issues, particularly human and civil rights work with immigrant communities. Since then, she has worked with countless nonprofit organizations and community groups, as well as with numerous candidate and issue campaigns.  She currently serves as the President of the Board for Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund. 

Erin Marshall is an independent public health contractor in New Mexico - as Managing Director of the New Mexico Healthier Weight Council. In 2010, she was also the Outreach Coordinator for Health Action New Mexico and Executive Director of the New Mexico Alliance for School Based Health Care. She serves as liaison to several organizations including the New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council, New Mexico Chronic Disease Prevention Council, New Mexico Health Equity Working Group, New Mexico Oral Health Advisory Committee, and New Mexico Department of Health. She sits on the Board of the Rio Communities Association as District 3 Co-representative, as well as the Board of Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund.

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