Piñon Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (8)

Allan Affeldt and Tina Mion

Elizabeth Heller Allen

Joseph and Paula Allocca

Fred and Phyllis Altenhaus

Keith Anderson and Barbara Lenssen

Rene Barker

Andrew Beckerman

Gregg and Lisa Bemis

Billie Blair

Roy Bowen and Beth Kean

Pat Brandenburg

Elizabeth Bremner and Karen Crow

Grace E. Brill and Daniel S. Schwartz

Cheryl A. Brown

David Burling

Marge H. Closson

Jen Cole and Bill Maguire

William and Amy Conway

Philip S. Cook

Shelley Cooper

Margo Cutler

Nancy V Dahl

Michael and Joanne Davis

Judy and Calvin Deater

Landt and Lisl Dennis

Carolyn Dietrich

Peter and Diane Doniger

Barbara Doroba-Ogg and Michael Ogg

Amy Duggan

James H. Duncan, Jr.

James H. Duncan, Sr.

Ellie Edelstein and Margie Edwards

Anne Hays Egan

Jane Elizabeth Egan

Michael J. Ettema

Edward and Sally Evans

Robbi Firestone

George and Jud Fischel

Paul M. Friesen

Harriet Forman and Claire Fulenwider

Steve Gaber

Haines and Nancy Gaffner

Ruthie Getz-Koval

Alexis Girard

Susan B. and Steven J. Goldstein

Mark Andrew Griffith

Kami Gupta

Valerie and Bud Hamilton

Katherine H. Harper

Dale K. Haworth and Karen F. Beall

Leonard A. Helman

Richard Hertz and Doris Meyer

Robert and Ling Hilgendorf

Lynn Hillas

Richard W. Hughes

Joe and Gina Illick

Valerie Ingram

William Johnson and Luanna Hughes-Johnson

Jerry and Jien-Ai Jones

Hervey A. Juris and Leslie Nathanson Juris

Rosanne L. Kadis

Asenath Kepler and Ed Mazria

Margarita and Thomas J. Kintz

Claudia Kleefeld

Christina and Eric Kristoffersen

Linda Krull

Bob and Kim Larsen

Bruce and Mary Anne Larsen

Liberty Ranch

Caitlin McHugh and Courtney Kerr

Sharon and Don McLaughlin

Saba McWilliams

Barbara Ann Michael

Marica Muth Miller and Jody Ellis

Samuel Millington

Judy Mitchell

Caroline Monaco and Michael A. Halsey

Mary Moorehead

Ilya Morozov

James F. Murphy and Roxanne Howe-Murphy

Odette Naumburg

O.J. Niswonger

Jane Clayton Oakes

Aku Oppenheimer

Laura Orchard

Sheila Paterson and Dilys Evans

August and Christal Pfeiffer

Alexis F. Pier

Mary and Raymond Pineda

Victoria Rabinowe

Regina Richdale

Anders Richter

Eileen Rojas

Patricia Rosenberg

Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin

Tony and Sarah Sawtell

Claire and Jon Schneider

Estate of Jack Stamm

Liz Stefanics and Linda Siegle

Carolyn Spolidoro

Patricia C. Stein

Sheralyn Storr

Sally Strong

JeanAnne Swope and Jim Mechem

Laurie Tumer

John and Iris Vazquez

Zenia Victor and Gaylon Duke

John A. Wagner and Pamela Black Wagner

Pamela Walker

Ellen Walton

Joan W. Watts

Bob and B.J. Weil

Bill Wetzel

Willson Williams

Robert Young

Linda Zingle and Maggie Odell

If you have included us in your plans and would like to be listed as a member of the Piñon Legacy Society, please let us know.

Your Contact for the Piñon Legacy Society

Gabriela Gómez
Vice President for Advancement

(505) 988-9715 x 7006

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