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Envision Speaks gives voice to the LGBTQ+ community.  The speaker series provides quarterly dialogue addressing the issues that impact our lives.  By engaging in conversation that inspires intellectual curiosity and increases education, understanding, and awareness, Envision Speaks stimulates community engagement and activism.

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June 21, 2017 - Transvisible: Bamby Salcedo's Story

About the Envision Fund

The Envision Fund, an initiative of the Santa Fe Community Foundation, promotes the health, safety, and empowerment of at-risk and underserved LGBTQ+ New Mexicans. The largest philanthropic entity in New Mexico dedicated solely to serving the LGBTQ+ population, the Fund has made over $650,000 in grants since its inception in 1997.

For more than 15 years, the Envision Fund has enriched the lives of New Mexico’s LGBTQ+ population by providing financial support to nonprofits addressing the most critical needs facing the community.  In 1997, the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership provided the Santa Fe Community Foundation (and 37 other community foundations across the country) with grants to enable them to establish LGBTQ+ field of interest funds.  Foundation leadership, board members, and volunteer members of the committee helped grow the fund’s assets. In 2012, the Fund changed its name from the Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership to the Envision Fund, to better reflect the changing face of the LGBTQ+ movement.  That same year, to support efforts to achieve marriage equality in New Mexico, the fund established a Marriage Equality Task Force, a time-limited effort to raise funds from local donors to support the efforts of Why Marriage Matters New Mexico.

The fund is staffed by a committee of volunteers who represent the diversity of New Mexico’s LGBTQ population.  Committee members raise money for the fund and help make decisions about grants.


Your Contact for Envision Fund 

Christa Coggins
Vice President for Community Philanthropy

(505) 988-9715 x 7002

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