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Building a network by offering and receiving support is a professional lifeline and can help ward off burn out for people of color. Let’s face it, nonprofit work is exhausting itself without adding the issues of inequity. We all have gifts to offer one another. Ask yourself, are you comfortable with receiving? YOU MATTER and you are worthy of support. Receiving support does not make us weaker. For many persons of color, we are told that we need to be stronger, be better, work harder. In reality, we need to be as gentle with ourselves as we are with those, we mentor.

This event is open to all women of color in the nonprofit sector. The series is meant to build a network of Women of Color in the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.
April 4, 2024 10:00 AM
12:00 pm

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This event is part of the Learning Hub program REAL TALK: A Speaker Series for Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector, a four-session program designed to support women of color in the nonprofit sector.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation proudly offers the Learning Hub as an educational space for nonprofit board, executive directors, staff members, and donors. Each year, the Hub offers dozens of events, workshops, and learning circles that promote leadership, skill building, and peer-supported growth.

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