Moving Arts Española

Supporting the Next Generation

All children deserve a superior arts education that inspires them, a safe place to be after school, and access to nutritious food. Moving Arts Española is providing that to about 450 kids per week. Built out of an extracurricular program at Española Public Schools in the 90’s, Moving Arts Española is a need-responsive arts education center founded by Roger Montoya and Salvador Ruiz-Esquivel.

Children ages 3-18 can stay at Moving Arts after school from 4 to 7 pm. They take classes ranging from Fashion Design to Flamenco, are served a healthy meal, and receive tutoring to support their academic journey. Children are then picked up by their parents — physically tired, bellies full, homework done, and creatively fulfilled. As the kids get older, they are encouraged and nurtured to become community leaders.

Children ages 12-18 are both assistants and instructors in many of the programs. The Santa Fe Community Foundation is proud to have Moving Arts Española among our grantees, and they continue to make astounding impacts on the Española community. As a smiley, eight year-old girl happily told Mr. Montoya one day, “Moving Arts lets me be who I am.”

Jan 3, 2022
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