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Mora Creative Council

Following the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon fire, northern New Mexico farmers and ranchers are grappling to feed their livestock. They have shared resources with each other as much as possible. Some have already sold off parts of their herds. Many depend on their livestock to provide a major part of their annual income.

Often, northern New Mexico farmers run their herds on pastures that are family owned and, in some cases, leased. Some have lost use of these pastures to the fires in addition to family homes and barns. With their emergency savings going toward repairs and mountain grazing banned for the next three years, feeding livestock has never been so challenging. Some farmers have needed to use stored feed that was intended for this coming winter’s needs. This feed, of course, must be replenished before the season turns.

With the help of emergency wildfire relief grants from the Santa Fe Community Foundation Community Resiliency Fund and the All Together NM Fund, community organizers set out to assist in the equitable distribution of hay and feed.

Last Saturday, five truckloads of hay were delivered and distributed to over 50 local area farmers. Orphan Grain Train graciously supplied 150 barrels of hay while Mora Creative Council used grant funds to cover the costs of delivery.

"There is still a need for more hay for winter's stock, but there were lots of happy faces on Saturday. It was a great day." -- Kenneth Krusemark, community organizer

Aug 10, 2022
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