Announcing the 2022 Community Health Funder Alliance Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that The Community Health Funder Alliance has awarded $1.9M to 59 community organizations working to improve health and wellness in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico (for the 2022-2023 fiscal year). This current round of grants brings the total investment in health outcomes in northern New Mexico to $5.5 million over the last three years.

"The nonprofits we are supporting are making a significant impact in people’s lives by providing greater access to health services," said Alliance member Christopher Goett, President and CEO, Santa Fe Community Foundation. 

"We continue to hear very moving first-hand accounts from New Mexicans about how The Alliance’s grantmaking is advancing the work of nonprofits who, since the beginning of the pandemic, have expanded their services to meet the urgent needs of our community,” said Lillian Montoya, President and CEO, CHRISTUS St. Vincent. 

The Alliance's grantmaking includes annual Community Grants ($5,000 to $15,000) to sustain efforts and multi-year Health Impact Grants ($20,000 to $175,000) to build momentum for long-term, far-reaching solutions. 

"Having funders like The Alliance allows us to continue our work of serving essential meals to our community members," said Tony McCarty, Executive Director, Kitchen Angels. "We delivered a meal to a person dealing with a difficult situation recently and he shared that the meal ‘was so fantastic, you could just tell that whoever put this together really cared about what they were doing.’  These grants allow us to continue to serve people just like this individual."

Since launching in 2019, The Community Health Funder Alliance has become instrumental to supporting organizations and communities during the pandemic. Through grantmaking and partnership, the Alliance helps further solutions that heal, care for, and sustain healthy people and communities. The Alliance members currently include Anchorum St. Vincent, CHRISTUS St. Vincent (CSV), and the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Jerry Jones, President and CEO Anchorum St. Vincent, said, “It has been a profound shift for our three organizations to collaborate and streamline our grant processes through the CHFA to ensure the talented and hard-working nonprofits in our community can do what they do best, serve our community.”

Together, the Alliance supports nonprofits in health and wellness across the lifespan: from maternal health and early childhood to school-age children, adolescent, adult, and senior health services, while investing in social determinants of health, including housing and homelessness, healthy food, and healthy neighborhoods.

Find out more about the 2022-2023 grant recipients at

Jul 11, 2022
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