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Helping babies to thrive is both social justice and smart economic development

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What does the Baby Fund do?
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The Santa Fe Baby Fund, an initiative of the Santa Fe Community Foundation, promotes the healthy development of babies and toddlers in Santa Fe County, prenatal through age four, and raises awareness of the critical importance of investing in early childhood for the benefit of our residents and our community. 

A belief that the vitality of any society rests on the opportunities afforded to all children early in life inspired the creation of the Baby Fund, with an initial $1.1 million gift from Brindle Foundation, a private family foundation based in Santa Fe. The future prosperity of Santa Fe depends on its ability to produce strong, healthy children who will lead our community.  With the Baby Fund, the Santa Fe Community Foundation and Brindle Foundation hope to give the issues affecting infants a louder voice.

What does the Baby Fund do?

The Baby Fund plans programs and activities including community-wide forums, seminars and the publication of issue guides. An advisory council identifies areas of investment. 

Priority areas of Investment

The Baby Fund is engaged in the following areas of work: 

  • Drug and alcohol exposed babies and their mothers struggling with addiction

Prenatal access and awareness campaign targeting opioid dependent women of childbearing age (Partners - La Familia Medical Center, CHRISTUS St. Vincent and Santa Fe County Community Services Division).

  • Teen pregnancy prevention and services to teen parents

Community-wide forums in partnership with a task force of providers; Development of an interactive resource guide for teen parents.

  • Access to quality, affordable infant and toddler care

Creation of Santa Fe Early Childhood Alliance to explore community-based partnership models to share costs and deliver services more efficiently; Collaborative professional development opportunities for early education teachers.

  • Community-Wide Work
    • Santa Fe Early Childhood Indicators Project

Development of a report of the key drivers of early childhood health and wellbeing in Santa Fe County with input from community-wide partners. 

    • Birth to Career Collaborative

The Baby Fund is an integral part of an effort by the Santa Fe Community Foundation to affect the lives of all Santa Fe children from birth to career.  


To find out more, get involved or donate to the Santa Fe Baby Fund, please contact Interim Fund Director Judith Lavender at

Your Contacts for the Santa Fe Baby Fund

Christa Coggins
Vice President for Community Philanthropy

(505) 988-9715 x 7002


Judith Lavender
Interim Fund Director

(505) 988-9715 x 7016

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