Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

Building and sharing space with our communities is the foundation that grounds our mission, vision, and work. We focus our efforts on supporting each of our communities, whether it's showing up to support tribal communities to raise awareness about violence against Native women or children or joining community wellness runs to working alongside our member programs to strengthen efforts, we work hard to show up for our communities in support.

Through the process of centering the stories, visions, passions, and needs of survivors of violence, we are able to work towards weaving together a common narrative that builds a stronger movement. As we slowly transition back into community, we are mindful of our communities’ safety, so we practice safety protocols to enhance our community’s health and wellness.

Community care is essential and violence prevention: it’s what we have noticed as we continue to navigate through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing our mask when we go into community, encouraging mask-wearing to community, especially our advocates who work with Survivors, and distributing PPEs to community and our members who work with Survivors. As we continue to wear and encourage mask-wearing, CSVANW is showing up for our communities to voice for justice and change for healthy and safer communities for our families and young ones.

With CSVANW showing up, we hope that we inspire our communities to show up and find their voices to call in inaccuracy, injustices, and changes alongside believing and supporting Survivors. Our community support efforts are inclusive and collective so that the initiatives we are asked to support in our communities are positive, empowering, and inspiring.


The Santa Fe Community Foundation invited its community partners to submit stories related to its November topic of Native American Heritage.

Nov 15, 2022
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