Hope Through Recovery

Following the Hermit’s Peak and Calf Canyon Fire Complex, the land is scorched and burned. Our watersheds are compromised by very real threats of soil erosion, flooding and contaminated water supplies. The scale of this challenge is more than any one organization can assume. Foundation partners can have a big impact on this work, which needs immediate implementation and will, undoubtedly, take years to complete.

Last week, the Hermit's Peak Watershed Alliance invited us to join them north of Las Vegas, NM to learn more about the important work ahead in the restoration of our lands and water. Here are photos from our visit:

The burned landscape creates a high risk for flash flooding.
You can see where the fire got the lower parts of the trees, but the tops are still alive. The needles will never come back where it was burned, but the trees will continue to grow so eventually there will be a very high canopy.
This one shows the ash washing down into the creek.
Jul 6, 2022
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